Bad day to be a moose!

Bad day to be a moose!

Moose Incident – Columbia Falls, Montana. NorthWestern Energy crews were laying new power cables which were strung on the ground for miles. The moose are rutting right now and very agitated. He was thrashing around and got his antlers stuck in the cables. When the men (miles away) began pulling the lines up with their big equipment, the moose went up with them. They noticed excess tension in the lines and went searching for the problem. He was still alive when they lowered him to the ground. He was a huge 60 inch bull and slightly teed off!

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  1. The above picture did not happen in Montana, I took that picture and have two more from different angles. This happened in Alaska south of fairbanks. It occurred on the access road to Pogo Gold Mine. The description of how it happened is correct, electric crews pulling new lines. He had to be put down as he tried to trample the men attempting to free his horns from the wire. Please print this correction. I can provide the additional photographs if requested. He measured 64 inches.

      • These pictures were taken during late fall of 2005. The location is along the 50 mile long access road to the Pogo Gold Mine, near the summit (40 miles in). This is during the yearly rutt for moose in Alaska. An electrical power line was being built to supply power to the newly constructed mine. As the crew was installing the new lines using a D7 Catipillar Bulldozer. They stopped for lunch, when they started back up again they were stopped about 300 yards from where they restarted. The dozer couldn’t pull anymore, the crew sent a worker back along the line to see if he could quickly spot the problem. The pictures you see are what that crew member found. I happened to be driving up the road on my way to the mine at the time, and had a camera with me. The moose had been in the area for a number of days chasing cows, I had almost hit him as he crossed the road the day before in the same area. During the lunch break the moose had wandered into the cleared area the lines were being pulled through, as it was lunch the lines had sagged to the ground. When they started pulling again, the lines got wrapped around the mooses horns and ended up being pulled into the position you see in the pictures. The moose was still alive at this point, when the crew lowered him down to try to untanlge him, he charged the crew. No  one could get close enough to help. The moose had to be put down. The Alaska Fish and Game were notified and conducted an investigation. The meat from the moose was donated to the nearest shelter in Delta Junction, Alaska    Todd Maw

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